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Cold Front Today (& What’s Happening to Winter 2017?)


A Cold Front Arrives Today

Upper 60°s, clouds, humidity, and a small chance of a light sprinkle will linger this morning. All this will end this afternoon thanks to a cold front. You’ll know when the cold front is here when rain picks up and/or the wind starts blowing steady and chilly from the north. After that happens, the rain chance is over. We don’t expect rain after lunch.

Returning to Mid-30°s Mornings & Mid-50°s Afternoons This Week

35° tomorrow morning, 53° Monday afternoon. These temps will be the norm for the entire week.

Only Chance of Rain This Week: Late Tuesday Night

A rain system will pass south of us, but the northern part of it should bring us at least some rain. Models disagree on how much, with the Euro model thinking it will linger into Wednesday morning (which means we would get more). This would only be rain for us, although you may hear about the chance of a rain/snow mix 90 miles east of us on the plateau.

After that, we are dry for the rest of the work week. There’s still time for the models to be wrong about the weekend, but right now it looks warm with the possibility of rain sneaking north into our area. Right now we think the weekend will be dry.

Where is Winter? And Is It Ever Going To Snow?

We’ve had mild Februaries (is this the correct plural of February? If not, it should be) before, so this is not unprecedented.

It takes a lot to go”right” for us to get snow, but it all starts with the cold temps. That cold air gets here when the winds blow it in from Canada. This winter, we’ve had a lot of south and west winds. We need those winds to turn north before we can even think about getting snow. It does not look that that’ll happen anytime soon.

The Climate Prediction Center issues temp and precipitation outlooks from 6-10 days away all the way out to three months away. The outlooks don’t say if it’ll snow or not. Instead, they say whether they think the temp/precip will be above normal, below normal, or just normal.

For us, CPC has us with above normal temps for the next two weeks. Precipitation should be just a little above normal.

CPC also thinks temps will be above normal through the end of February.

This does not mean it won’t snow, but it’s not a good sign.

Don’t give up on snow until mid-March.


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