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Sunny & Warmer Temps Now, Colder Temps Return Thursday

Sunny Skies, Temps Warm Up A Bit

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After our brief cold temperature snap, our temperatures will begin to creep back up starting today. Pretty laid back start to the week and the sun looks to hang around for a least a few days.

We could get a few, no-worry showers on Wednesday. The chance appear low, but it is there.

Temps Cool Back Down Wednesday Night

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*Afternoon Update Addition: Our NWS made mention of a wintry mix possible Thursday night. As they put it in the afternoon discussion: “Confidence is not great either way, but hopefully models can key in on a few features a little better over the next 24 to 48 hours.”

Models do not have a good handle on what could happen. Some models so some wintry mix transitioning into rain by Friday while others don’t think we will have enough energy. We will keep an eye on it an let you know if the models give a more promising outlook in the future.*

Colder air will move back into our area starting Wednesday night and remain in place through the rest of the week.

The end of the work week appears fairly seasonal with dry, sunny conditions and highs in the 40s. Into this weekend, models hint at some shower activity returning Saturday night into Sunday. It appears that temps will not be cold enough to warrant the “s” word, just some gloomy showers.

If anything changes, we’ll let you know.

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