Couple Rounds of Light Snow Possible

Current Radar

So is this a few flurries or should we be “flaking” out?

Don’t worry, the next 24 hours will not include the most snow we’ve ever had. But here’s what is being monitored:

Tonight Into Sunday Morning

UPDATED Latest High-Resolution Model Loop

Wait until the end of this loop to get a glance at the precipitation and its advancement. Also notice how there is a mixed bag of snow and rain.

Temperatures Sunday morning will hover around freezing until about 8-9 AM when they jump above 32º.

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 9.55.50 AM

Impacts Sunday Morning:

Very few. Any light snow that falls will have a difficult time accumulating and no issues are expected on the roads. As mentioned, temps will quickly rise above freezing, aiding in the melting of any previous snowfall.

Sunday Night – Monday Morning

From NWS Nashville:

By Sunday evening, additional impulses (of energy) and cooling surface temperatures will bring a good chance for light snow showers. This is the time when most of the accumulation is expected. Sunday night lows will drop
to the mid to upper 20s, so any travel problems that develop
Sunday evening could linger into Monday morning work and school
travel times.

Timing = Uncertainty


Models this morning are trying to speed up the approach of precipitation. This could impact snow totals negatively, meaning if wet weather moves through during the day on Sunday, a lot of what falls could be rain instead of snow.

As long as precipitation holds off until the evening hours of Sunday, more snow than rain can be expected.

There will also be a decent amount of dry air aloft that this light snow/rainfall will have to overcome. Basically, the cards are against any significant accumulations of any precipitation type.

Takeaways for tonight and Sunday night:

Snow showers likely overnight tonight, turning to light rain by mid morning. A lull in activity will occur during the middle part of Sunday, until some more energy arrives late afternoon. This could be rain, this could be snow, it could be both. This is where the uncertainty lies. Any travel impacts Monday morning will be highly dependent on how much rain/snow falls. Additionally, even wet roads can be hazardous once temps drop below 32º…we’ll be in the 20ºs Monday AM. 


Exit January, Enter February

Screen Shot 2017-01-28 at 10.38.27 AM

40ºs will hang around for a couple more days before the return of low-middle 50ºs for highs. We’ll also be watching a couple weather players late week into the weekend that could bring some more rain to the area.

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