Quiet Weather Tonight, Showers/ Thunderstorms Possible This Weekend

Current Radar

Mostly Cloudy Skies Overnight

Well for some of us, we won the lottery and got a glimpse of the sun today. Some of us though, still were not able to.

All of us will see the sun again someday. Quiet evening tonight for those with Friday Night plans. Temps will fall into the low 50s overnight.

There is a mention of some patchy fog being possible overnight, if you run into it, be sure to use extra caution while driving.

Wet Weekend Ahead

My Forecast - Google Chrome 2017-01-20 16.08.46

There is still a little bit of uncertainty surrounding the rain this weekend due to some of the models not lining up/agreeing with one another, but generally speaking this weekend appears to be wet.

For our Saturday chances, there does appear to be a slim chance of seeing showers during the morning. HRRR is just now reaching that time frame and this is what it is currently showing:

As mentioned this morning, the general conclusion to be drawn from this is that the majority of the rain will likely go to our south, but we could get some showers through the AM. I wouldn’t plan on a complete washout tomorrow, but it might not be completely dry either.

For the lunch hour through the early evening we should stay fairly dry with only a spotty shower or two. Once we reach the late evening hours on Saturday, we could begin to see heavier rainfall move back into the area.

The latest run of the NAM has showers moving back in after 9 PM tomorrow night:

nam_precip_mslp_se_12.png (1024×768) - Google Chrome 2017-01-20 16.22.52

These showers will carry over into Sunday. We are not expecting any severe thunderstorms to develop, but could once again see a few thunderstorms develop on Sunday. On the severe note, however, we have seen a lot of rainfall over the past few days. Our local NWS had this to say in the afternoon discussion:

“Of more concern on Sunday into Sunday night is locally heavy rainfall as ground is now saturated from yesterday`s widespread rains, so some localized flooding along with some rivers rising to action stage will be possible”

While we are not expecting a complete washout on Sunday, with the ground being already wet, there is the potential for some localized flooding to occur.

When all is said and done this weekend, we could see anywhere from a tenth of an inch up to a little under 1″ of rainfall.The majority of that will likely come on Sunday.

d13_fill.gif (750×562) - Google Chrome 2017-01-20 08.20.31

Transition Back to Somewhat Seasonal Begins Next Week

My Forecast - Google Chrome 2017-01-20 07.44.34

Next week, showers may linger through the day Monday following our wet weekend. Tuesday, however, appears to be a bit warmer and dry.

Beyond that, by mid next week models begin to hint at our temps falling back towards seasonal. So for those who have been patiently waiting for winter, we could begin to transition back by the end of next week.

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