Rain Chance All Week

Current Radar

Can we get some sun please?

Short answer is not really. We are going to see a little bit of sun tomorrow if everything goes right, but that’s about it. In the short term we’ll see less of a rain chance than we’ve seen in the last 72 hours. Clouds will try to push out to the N and warm air will try to move up from the S. The HRRR below shows limited rain in the very short term.


MLK day itself looks pretty good! Most shower and rain activity should wait until after work/practice. High temps will touch the 70’s.


More rain…

A wet pattern begins again in earnest Monday night. It will last for the week, and may even bring a small chance of a thunderstorm on Tuesday.


Hey, at least no hazardous weather is expected.

If there is any solace in my forecast, it’s would be that the temps will stay warm most days. Look at it this way; given the time of year and the wet pattern, we could have cold drizzly blerg everyday, but we’re not. High temps will range in the 50’s – 60’s all week.


My Forecast 2017-01-15 06-58-46


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