We Got a Wintry Mix Overnight; Very Cold Sunday

Overnight Freezing Rain and Sleet

At 11 PM Saturday, the temp was 73°.

While you were sleeping — at least I hope you were sleeping — the temperature dropped to freezing. As I write this (at 4 AM) it is 32°.

Around 3 AM or so, a cold rain transitioned to freezing rain, and freezing rain transitioned to sleet. I hear the sound of the sleet right now.

This precip should continue until around 6 AM, mostly in the form of sleet, and even some snow mixed in. The temp will continue to drop, before finally stopping the free-fall somewhere in the upper 20°s.

Travel may be hazardous. Road hazards can be monitored on the TDOT Smartway page. It has cameras and all sorts of good stuff. They also have a pretty good app.

Remember: higher elevation areas, bridges and overpasses are the most likely places for ice formation. Also, watch out on sidewalks and especially decks; there’s probably ice there.

Temps Not Expected Above Freezing Today

Anything frozen should stay frozen; however, two things will reduce travel hazards: (1) It was 73° at 11 PM last night.  The roads are pretty warm. The air will cool faster than the road. So, even though we are at 32° now, the road will be warmer than that. (2) While not the 30-40 MPH winds we saw Saturday, today we’ll have winds 10-12 MPH, which will help dry the roads.

Again, for road conditions, consult your local window and/or the TDOT Smartway page. Both great resources.

The high today is only 30°, and the winds will keep wind chills in the 20°s.

Quiet Monday & Tuesday

Cold Monday, warming up a bit Tuesday. No rain or other shenanigans.

More here later today. I’m exhausted. Will is covering @NashSevereWx on Twitter; hit him up for more info if you need it.

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