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Not A Lot of Rain in Sight, Bad News For Our Drought

To start the week….more of the same


Here is what your “crap app”, as David puts it, forecast looks like. High pressure looks to remain in control. Temps won’t be as warm as we’ve seen lately, but still a bit above average given that it’s November.

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So what about those rain chances Tuesday Night?

Well we are currently in that “slight chance” category to see some showers Tuesday evening. GFS agrees with this showing showers starting in the later evening hours and continuing into early Wednesday morning.


Even if we see some showers, there will not be a lot of it. This does appear to be our best AND only chance of rain through next weekend.

After the possible showers on Tuesday Night…


Rest of the week looks like the start of the week, sunny skies, but cooler temps than we started with.

Drought conditions continue.

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Even if we see rain Tuesday, doubtful that it will help our current drought conditions which continue to worsen.

Next Weekend? Cooler Temps?

The current dilemma on why we still haven’t seen cooler, seasonable temps is that we keep getting stuck in the constant influences of high pressure.

Friday into next weekend we look to shake some of those high pressure influences and may get some low pressure influences.


When looking at winds aloft, into next weekend with the weakened high pressure, some cooler winds look to push in, bringing in some gusty winds and much more seasonable temps.weatherbell-models-_-premium-weather-maps-google-chrome-2016-11-06-08-42-41

Shaking away this high pressure along with winds out of the North will allow for some colder, more seasonable temps to reach our area. The high on Saturday currently looks to be in the low 60s.

So about this “no rain” situation we are in.

Besides Tuesday, there really is no measurable rainfall in the forecast.

Long range forecast models seem to suggest that we could begin to see more rainfall and much cooler temps around the middle of November time frame, but truthfully trying to create a reliable forecast that far out is basically impossible.

So for now, Tuesday looks to be it.

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