Dry, Sunny Conditions. A Drop of Rain Possible Tonight

Current Radar

Tonight: Evening Plans Are a Go, Could Get a Drizzle Overnight – 9 PM 69°

Clouds will be increasing as we head into the evening hours. That small chance of rain lingers around, but most models suggest that the best chances (still only a 20% probability) will not arrive until the overnight hours.

If you have any outdoor plans this evening, it will feel great outside! Temps will be in the 70s to start the evening before dipping down into the 60s by 9PM.

As we head into the overnight hours, the question becomes will it even rain? A few models have us seeing very small showers in the early morning hours tomorrow.


NWS Nashville had this to say about the rain possibility overnight:


So, even if you win the rain lottery tonight, probably will only see enough to water your grass…if that.

Thursday: Cloud Coverage Decreasing, Partly Sunny – Wake Up 60° High 79°

Starting off the day tomorrow with a decent amount of cloud coverage. As the day progresses, those clouds will dwindle out and the sun will continue to shine.


Clouds will help to keep our high temps a bit lower than on Wednesday, but since they will begin to dissipate by the afternoon, still will see high temps in the upper 70s.

Thursday Night: Partly Cloudy

Whether you are staying in for the evening, or heading to Nissan Stadium for the Titans game, our Thursday night continues to look great.

If you have outdoor plans, temps will be in the 70s to start the evening, but fall into the 60s as the night progresses. Our partly cloudy skies will help to keep temps fairly warm in the evening, but you may want a light jacket with you if you have any outdoor plans.

Kickoff: 68°

Wind: Light NNW wind 5 mph

Extended Outlook: Dry. Sunny. Warm.


The only thing that looks different day to day is the high and low temperatures. Same graphic. Same sunshine. Same dry conditions. For those that have weekend plans, embrace this continuing awesome weather.

Trick or Treat Forecast: Full of Clear Skies and Candy | 5 PM – 78° 9 PM – 66°

Whether you plan to take the kiddos out early or a little bit later, fantastic weather is in store next Monday night. Sunny skies will prevail through the day, with clear skies into the evening. If you plan trick or treat in the late evening hours, you may want to bring a light jacket along.

Allergy Report: 5-Day Pollen.com Forecast


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