Same Old Song and Dance, Rain Hard to Come By

Current Radar

Tonight: Relaxing, Clear and Cool

A steady drop through the 60s tonight will feel rather comfortable. If you’re headed out for a prolonged period of time this evening, a jacket might be nice.

way suit jacket

Wednesday: Will It Even Rain? – Wake Up 53° High 80°

Warmer for Wednesday, and we even have a slight chance of rain! Well…

4KM NAM 7PM Wednesday


So where’s the rain on this model? There is some, but very little. So little in fact, we believe you’ll be lucky to see any rain between late Wednesday and early Thursday morning. A very, very low chance of rain, however, does exist.

Don’t expect this to lessen the effects of our abnormally dry conditions.

Extended Outlook:


Above average temperatures appear to continue for the remainder of the week. No measurable rainfall means we stay practically bone dry. A nice soaking rain is definitely on most folks’ wish list.


Allergy Report: 5-Day Forecast


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