High Pressure Dominating = Yawner Weatherweek

When High Pressure Dominates, It’s Not Gonna Rain

Here’s how much it’s gonna rain between now and Wednesday night.

Yeah, nothing. High pressure is in charge.

Cold Front Thursday!

Your crap app probably has a chance of rain for Thursday:

This cold front is “moisture starved,” meaning, we don’t think there will be enough moisture around for the cold front to do what it normally does, which is rain a lot.

The front passage will bring clouds, and yeah, we might need to adjust this forecast later in case subsequent model runs get wet, but for now we think rain chances are really low.

Behind it, colder air, but don’t get excited/panic. It’s not like it’s about to get actually cold.

Guessing About Next Weekend

A blob of showers should be in Arkansas Friday . . .

. . . but the models think that rain blob will move northeast and follow the Ohio River. We might get the far southern part of it Saturday . . .

. . . but resolution on this is poor, and the accuracy is rotten. So, yeah, rain is possible this weekend, but based on what we see in the models, it won’t wash us out, but then again, don’t really know.

Current Radar

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