Storms Through Evening, Solid Rain Chances Continue

Tonight: Per Usual, Most Rain Subsides

Lingering afternoon storms will begin to wane as we approach sunset. Temperatures should be a degree or two cooler in areas that do receive rain, so expect low 80s to upper 70s by late evening.

Wednesday: Scattered Storms, Heaviest Stays South – High 90°

Wednesday will be much like today, except we end up on the north end of a second band of moisture producing afternoon storms. The heaviest, widest coverage of rain will remain to our south, but we still have a decent shot (especially Williamson Co.) at seeing precipitation.

Extended Outlook:


Update: Gulf moisture, warm temperatures, thunderstorms. This week doesn’t look like a *total* washout yet, but areas that receive multiple rounds of storms will be more susceptible to localized flooding. It looks as though the weekend will be quite soggy, and this is when the flooding concerns grow slightly. Below average temperatures and above average rainfall are expected through the extended period.

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