Nicer/Still Humid Monday; Then More Awful Humidity

The radar relocated to the bottom of the page. I got sick of looking at it at the top.

Tonight: Looks Good

The front that was making me rain-nervous for those along and S of 40 has finally dropped along 840, as seen here at 4:16 PM:

Tonight looks fine for outdoor activities. Any rain that develops will move south.

Monday: Best Day of the Week, High 91°

Drier air arrives, shoving dewpoints out of the 70°s and into the still-humid upper 60°s. Rain is not expected.

Tuesday & Beyond: Humidity, Rain Chances Return

Dew points will return into the low 70°s. Gross.

NWS-Nashville wrote today:

Will carry chance probabilities of precipitation all week due to no one day/area seeing a better shot than the next.

Meaning, it may rain each day, but we don’t really know when. If you read this, maybe the odds are higher Tuesday. I can’t explain that.

Afternoon/Early evenings more likely to produce rain. Maybe too much rain:

While the threat for severe weather will be low, we will need to monitor the rainfall accumulations each day. The cumulative totals throughout the week could end up causing some very localized
flooding issues.

Guessing About Next Weekend

Mid-range models show a cold front coming from the north. If that materializes, it means rain chances are pretty good.

In fact, the Euro model develops the same cold front (lending credibility to the forecast) and a surface low pressure system passing just to our S/SE. This would be a loooot of rain.

That surface low is moving in a fantastic place to be a prolific snow producer were it winter.

Don’t write off/wash out the weekend. The models are often wrong, especially this far away.

Current Radar

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