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Hot, Humid, Probably Won’t Rain. Oh, and Sharknado 4.

Current Radar

Dry Sunday (Probably), High 91°

The chance of rain today is low. The reason isn’t exciting, so I’ll just show the HRRR model, below, which thinks a few showers/storms may pop up briefly by mid/late afternoon. Don’t alter any outdoor plans.

Dewpoints will hover around 70°. Low 90°s temps will introduce a heat danger, but it’s not like we need to freak out about it. Hydrate, shade, you know the drill.

We don’t do much stupid stuff @NashSevereWx, but Sharknado is one of them. Sharknado 4 is tonight. As we said three years ago:

If you’re unfamiliar, Sharknado is one of those movies that’s so bad it’s fun. If you’re still on the fence about watching it, and you’re mature with a refined sense of humor, don’t watch. For everyone else, let’s revisit the Sharknado 3 viewing guide:

It starts at 7 PM. Sharknado is much more fun watching it live while following the #sharknado4 hashtag. If you DVR it, you’ll miss that social media collective experience thing. 7 PM, y’all.

Models Disagree About Rain/Storms Monday

The NAM4 model shows a strong thunderstorm complex coming down I-24 from Kentucky around lunchtime Monday:

The GFS and Euro models disagree. They don’t see it. No one really knows what to do with the forecast. NWS-Nashville increased our rain chances to account for the uncertainty.

Still Hot

High pressure will build again, turning the screw on the heat. Temps at 5,000 feet Wednesday should reach 21°-22°C (that’s hot), driving our high temp back into the mid 90°s. With some low level moisture present, we may squeeze out a few showers or storms, but nothing particularly satisfying. That’s why your crap apps look like this:

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