Heat Continues On, Rain Dissipating Into the Evening

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Tonight: Rain Clearing – Temps Stay Warm Thru the Night

And just like that those afternoon showers decided to rain on our parade. We still could see a few more pop-up storms in and around the Nashville area through the remainder of the afternoon. Main concerns with these are heavy rainfall and damaging wind gusts.

Luckily the rain should begin to dissipate as we head into the evening hours and should be gone by sunset.

Partly cloudy skies expected to follow. Temps will stay fairly warm only dropping to 84° by 9 PM.

Thursday: Clear Skies and Hot – Wake Up 75° High 96°

Another day and more heat. Thursday will be much like today with mostly clear skies with a stray passing cloud here and there. Dew points will stay a bit uncomfortable in the low 70s, but our temps will be very hot in the mid-to-upper 90s.

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Stay hydrated and limit outdoor activity during the heat of the day tomorrow (i.e afternoon hours).

*Update* As we enter the afternoon hours, we could have a repeat of today with some pop-up showers developing. Will not know where/when until they do occur (if they decide to).

Extended Outlook: Heat Is On

My Forecast - Google Chrome 2016-07-20 07.29.49

Heat Index values are expected to be in the 100-110° range to end the week and continue into this weekend.

And this afternoon….the NWS had this to say:

As well as this…

“So, any relief to the heat? The answer is no, not really. The upper high relaxes just a touch by early next week, but the added humidity will still be on us.”

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Stay cool out there.

As always with summertime, we could see a few pop-up showers that may provide us some relief. Better chances of showers return at the beginning of next week.

Allergy Report: 5-Day Pollen.com Forecast

You may want to keep a few Kleenex around to end the week; may get a few sniffles and watery eyed out there.

5 Day Pollen Allergy Forecast for Nashville, TN (37201) _ Pollen.com - Google Chrome 2016-07-20 07.18.43

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