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Storms Tonight, Unsettled Weather to Continue

Current Radar

Tonight: Storms, Some Strong/Severe Possible – 9PM 78°

Update: Scattered storms, some severe, are in the area now, and could continue for the remainder of the evening. Damaging winds, hail, and flash flooding are the main concerns.

The HRRR doesn’t have a great handle on the situation, but it is shown below to indicate that we will dry out by about midnight. Expect temperatures to stay mild (70s) and the air to remain muggy.


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Why the drastic/unpredictable weather pattern?

So why exactly has our weather lately been so hot and humid with only small chances of rain? Well it’s because of a Bermuda High currently sitting in the Atlantic.

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This high pressure has given our atmosphere the ability to bring in hot, humid air from our south. With this air type of airmass, it has enabled our atmosphere to create shortwaves that bring in showers and thunderstorms.

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What does this mean for us? Well the atmosphere is at a constant battle with itself when these shortwaves develop. Some times the shortwaves will get enough energy to produce storms like we saw yesterday across Davidson and Williamson Counties. Whereas a few days before then, showers struggled to develop and most of us stayed clear of the rain.

Basically we will not know when or where the showers and possible thunderstorms will develop, until we see them developing on the radar. These next few days are very much a “keep the umbrella and rain gear handy” type of days.

Friday: More Clouds, Still Some Sun, Showers/T-Storms Possible – Wake Up 66° High 88°

Fairly similar weather pattern as we head into Friday, or as the NWS says:

“Any way that you slice or dice it or toss or turn it, weather pattern from the mid morning hours onward thru Saturday night”

Friday will have a few more clouds than we will be seeing today. Whether we see any showers, well that will depend of the shortwaves mentioned above. No good timeline for when showers/t-storms could develop. The best general time frame would be in the afternoon to early evening hours.

Memorial Day Weekend Outlook: Could be Wet, Could Not

My Forecast - Google Chrome 2016-05-26 07.43.36

Slight chance of showers throughout the weekend still seem to be in play. Luckily most of your evening plans through the weekend should steer clear of any rain. Wouldn’t cancel any of those outdoor plans since some areas could see rain while others may not. Generally speaking, areas to the North and West have been seeing the most rain, so their chances may be a bit higher for seeing any rain activity.

Allergy Report: 5-Day Forecast

5 Day Pollen Allergy Forecast for Nashville, TN (37201) _ - Google Chrome 2016-05-26 07.44.09

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