Isolated Rain/T-Storm Activity Through the Remainder of the Week

Current Radar

Tonight: Rain Chance Increasing, Maybe Some T-Storm Activity – 9 PM 75°

Some areas have stayed fairly clear of most of the showers today, while other areas have seen a lot of rain. That pattern will continue as we head into the remainder of the afternoon into the evening.

HRRR displays the majority of our area potentially seeing some showers and thunderstorms in the evening:

We currently have some thunderstorm activity sitting to our West.

We had looked to be fairly clear for the evening through most of the day, but Mother Nature seems to have decided against that.

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While areas to the North seem to have the best chance of seeing any of those pop-up showers and thunderstorms, if this line holds together, most of our area will get some rain and thunderstorms. These storms could fizzle out before they reach us, but I would keep the umbrellas and rain gear handy if you have any plans outdoors tonight.

No severe weather activity is expected with any thunderstorms that may develop. We may have periods of heavier rainfall, which could cause some localized flooding. If you do come across a flooded roadway, turn around, do not try to pass through.

Any showers we do get should clear out as we head into tomorrow morning. Temps will stay fairly warm through the night, only dropping into the upper 60s.

Thursday: Isolated T-Storm Possible – Wake Up 68° High 88°

More rain possible as we head into Thursday. Temps will stay hot and in the upper 80s. Southern winds will be bringing in even hotter and more humid air. This environment is great for any pop-up thunderstorms to develop.

Whether or not they will develop, well….

To trust the models, or to trust the science behind the models when deciding if it’s going to rain or not tomorrow.

With the chance of rain being at 20%, I wouldn’t cancel any plans but I would definitely know what to do if it rains. Keep the umbrella handy.

Friday: Repeat of Thursday – Wake Up 68° High 88°

Another day, another chance of rain. Some models show us getting some rain, while some do not. Friday looks to be a good day that we could potentially see some strong pop-up thunderstorms, but nothing severe is expected.

Hope for the best on Friday for those looking to start the long weekend early, but be prepared for a quick round or two of rain and thunderstorms.

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Memorial Day Weekend Outlook:

My Forecast - Google Chrome 2016-05-25 07.17.52

No rain outs really expected for those with outdoor plans this weekend. Continuation of the “slight chance” of thunderstorm activity, a.k.a some places may get some rain, some places won’t get any at all. Temps will be fairly hot, staying in the mid-to-upper 80s through the weekend. Just keep in mind that a pop-up thunderstorm may stall your outdoor plans, but I’d still plan to be outside when you can.

Allergy Report: 5-Day Forecast

5 Day Pollen Allergy Forecast for Nashville, TN (37201) _ - Google Chrome 2016-05-25 07.17.20

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