High & Dry

Current Radar

Dry & Sunny Sunday, High 80°

The chance of rain is zero.

Well, actually, we win.

Dewpoints barely breaking 40° sounds more like September than April.

Why? The Omega Block is in charge. Its central feature, a bossing high pressure.

More of the Same Monday, Early 52° High 83°

Still no chance of rain, more dry heat.

Allergies Remain High

High Pressure Breaks Down Mid-Week

Tuesday, the high pressure will weaken, but still hold the rain away.

Wednesday, we’ll finally get enough moisture to deliver clouds and a chance of rain or thunderstorms.

That rain chance grows Thursday. A cold front will be coming closer, but its nature and path remains uncertain. Right now, we think we will see some rain, just very hard to know how much.

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