No April Fools Here - A Beautiful Weekend Ahead

Current Radar

Tonight: More Clouds – Temps into the Upper 40°s

Expect to see more clouds develop through the rest of the afternoon into tonight. Temps will stay in the 50°s until a little after midnight before dropping into the upper 40°s.

Visible Satellite Imagery shows more clouds moving in from our Southeast:

Saturday: Lots of Sunshine – Early 43° High 61°

We may start off with a few clouds in the AM, but those will go away quickly. Also, while our temps may not be as warm as we would like them to be on the weekend, it will still be an incredible day. Temps should break into the 60°s by the afternoon. Winds will remain between 5 to 15 mph, but could gust up to 20 mph at times.

Great weather for any outdoor activities.

*Update for Saturday Night into Sunday Morning:

As mentioned this morning, temps will drop down into the mid 30°s. The NWS has just put out a Special Advisory for this frost potential. The key time for frost to develop is between 4 AM – 9 AM Sunday morning. Be sure to cover your plants/bring them inside Saturday night.

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Even though it’s April Fools Day…we are sure. NAM confirms these cold temps:hires_t2m_nashville_55.png (1280×1024) - Google Chrome 2016-04-01 08.31.28

Sunday: Even More Sunshine – Early 36° High 64°

Temps will rebound fairly quickly in the AM. By the afternoon, should be just like Saturday, probably a little warmer.

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Next Week Outlook:

Very slight chance of rain on Monday. Next chance not till later in the week.

My Forecast - Google Chrome 2016-04-01 07.35.26

Allergy Report:

Allergy season is in full force right now.

The real reason behind this dreadful season this year are from the juniper, maple, and elm trees. Darn you.

Here is the 5-Day Allergy Forecast:

5 Day Pollen Allergy Forecast for Nashville, TN (37201) _ - Google Chrome 2016-04-01 08.03.56

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