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Nice Weekend Alert!

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Well, That Was Close

Too much cloud cover this morning, insufficient dew points, and unidirectional wind profiles are among the reasons we didn’t gett tornadic storms today. They were very close. That storm to our SW, then S, was rotating pretty well (it may have dropped a tornado, NWS will confirm later), although it did lose its oomph when it got closer to I-65.

Anyway, the severe weather threat tonight is over. Even our Severe Thunderstorm Watch was cancelled 2 hours early. A cold front will push through tonight while we sleep, and may deliver a few no-worry showers.

Friday – Sunday: Yes, Please

Maybe a little colder than you’d like, but we’ll dry out, with chilly mornings, and nice afternoons.

There are a few chances for rain next week. And, yes, maybe thunderstorms next Thursday, but that forecast is in voo-doo land (and too far away) to be worthy of further comment.

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