Rain Gone, Clear Tonight

Current Radar

Tonight: Clouds Clearing, Temps Dropping

The rain from earlier has left our area. Clouds will clear through the rest of the afternoon into the evening hours, allowing our temperatures to drop into the overnight hours (overnight clouds trap the heat of the day).

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Expect temps to drop into the mid-to-upper 50°s through the night.

Tuesday: Sunny, Rain Maybe at Night – Wake Up: 55° High: 80°

Tuesday will start off very nice with temperatures spiking into the upper 70°s — we might even hit 80°. The current record high is at 82°, which may be broken tomorrow

Southerly winds could pick up a bit tomorrow reaching 10-20 mph.

The chances of us seeing rain Tuesday night slim. Most models show the rain staying away from us since there won’t be much moisture in our area.

Wednesday: Sunny – Wake Up: 53° High: 70°

Wednesday will be nice just like Tuesday. Only difference? It’ll be about 10° cooler than it was on Tuesday. 

Early Weekend Preview:

Luckily for us we won’t be seeing the rain again probably until Saturday. Thursday and Friday should be warm with sunny skies and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60°s. Showers should come sometime on Saturday and continue on through Sunday afternoon. There is still a lot of time before the weekend, but the chances of scattered showers is very high.

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Try to enjoy the sunshine through this week.

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