Are Those Bad Storms Approaching Memphis Coming Here?

Current Radar

Tonight/Overnight/Monday Morning

Severe and tornadic thunderstorms are now ongoing in Arkansas and approaching Memphis. Those storms are expected to weaken by the time they cross the Tennessee River, reduced only to a few weak thunderstorms and rain by time they reach here early Monday morning. The HRRR model illustrates this weakening.

No severe weather is expected.

We think more rain and a few weak thunderstorms may develop early Monday afternoon. High 71°. Rain chances won’t end until Monday night.

Rest of the Work Week (most of it)

Rain may return Tuesday night. In fact, the Storm Prediction Center has outlooked us for a low chance of severe thunderstorms Tuesday night:

This’ll be something to watch, but it’s on the low end of the Worry-O-Meter.

Another shortwave drives by Wednesday night, but it doesn’t look that impressive.

Peek at the Weekend?

This is forecast voo-doo land, but it looks pretty wet. Has the potential to wash out.

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