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UPDATED for Winter Weather Advisory for Davidson & Williamson until 6pm Tuesday evening.


Temps will continue to drop overnight. By midnight, everyone should be in the 20°s, on our way to 24° just before sunrise Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, this clipper system continues to rotate light, scattered snowshowers into Middle Tennessee.

The HRRR model may be under-doing the snow coverage just a bit, but the overall pattern looks right:

Here is a close-up:

Some snow will start to accumulate this evening, but it won’t be much.

We should see about 1″ in Davidson County (maybe less), and generally under 1″ in Williamson County. Some areas where the snow “streaks” will see more than others. Here’s the HRRR snow total through 7 AM Tuesday:

Note that the Winter Weather Advisory for Davidson & Williamson Counties lasts through Tuesday Evening. Decreasing/Scattered snow showers should continue in Middle Tennessee through a good bit of the day Tuesday. Temps should not get above freezing all day Tuesday. The high is around 29°.

Travel impacts are higher in the advisory area. Keep in mind the surface temperature is warmer than the air temperature, so it will take longer for the ground to get to freezing and start sticking the snow to it. Plus, interstates and other roads that have been pre-treated will take longer to freeze. Radar trends “upstream” look light.

Bridges, overpasses, and areas at elevation (to name a few, 840 near Fairview and Joelton) will have problems first, so travel accordingly.

Whether you should travel tonight will depend your specific route, risk tolerance, and need to be out in it. As Will said tonight:

And as our NWS wrote:

We’ll be watching the radar tonight and commenting on Twitter @NashSevereWx. You should turn on your local TV news to get their take(s), too.

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