Decent Weekend. Snow/Flurries Monday, But Not A Big Deal

Current Radar 

The Weekend – Not Bad!

Just below freezing in the morning, then warming into the mid-50°s while clouds arrive Sunday after dark, announcing our next system.

Things Get Interesting Sunday Night – Monday Morning – Monday Night

A big trough of arctic air will begin its approach. By midnight Sunday evening, it will have already started its push into Middle Tennessee.

Along with it comes a clipper spreading precip into the area starting Sunday night through the day Monday:

However — this is important — while this may fall as snow, temps at 2,000 feet down to the ground will be above freezing — probably well above freezing. So, no impacts are expected at this time. Most of the precip Monday should be rain, but we can’t rule out a  wintry mix during the day that melts on contact.

It won’t be until Monday night that we finally get below freezing. There may still be some precip hanging around. That should make some very light snow/flurries.

With ground temps being warm + very little moisture content in the system, this currently does not look like an accumulating or impactful snowfall.

Note clipper systems like these have surprised us in the past, but only rarely. Most of them disappoint, like we think one will.

Early Tuesday morning, temps at 5,000 feet will be crazy-cold. The trough will have dug into Florida, and surface temps will finally respond by dropping into the 20°s and 30°s.

This will send temps well below normal for the balance of the work week.

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