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Tornado Watch Until 10 PM

Current Radar 

Tornado Watch Until 10 PM

Watch text from the Storm Prediction Center:

Note the strong probability of damaging straight-line winds inside any thunderstorm.

Various probabilities from the Storm Prediction Center:

New to tornado weather, confused about what stuff means, or need to know what to do? Read this.

We will “nowcast” the storms on Twitter until they’ve cleared. No warnings are ever posted to this website, but you will find them @NashSevereWx on Twitter and on local TV stations. Follow/Consult multiple reliable sources for your weather information.

The Rest of the Week….

WEDNESDAY – Wake Up: 49°, High: 55°

Once storms fully pass through overnight, some showers may linger very early, but we should be drying-off by your morning commute:

It will be cloudy to start the day, but we’ll clear-out nicely by the afternoon:

A cold front behind all our storms tonight will cool us down tomorrow. Actually, we’ll cool-down from the 60°s tonight to the low 50°s early in the morning, and then we’ll briefly pop-up to the mid 50°s in the afternoon.

Lows will fall below freezing for the first time in what probably feels like forever tomorrow night.

THURSDAY – Wake Up: 30°, High: 43°

High pressure will start to nudge-in Thursday:

High pressure is our friend! It will keep us dry and sunny, but also cooler.

Friday will be similar to Thursday: sunny skies & seasonable temperatures.

By the way….Superbowl Sunday looks dry & overall pleasant.


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