Warming Up, All-Star Weekend Weather, Tuesday Severe Potential

Current Radar 

Warming Up!

Overnight, we will drop below freezing, but then the winds will turn south and we’ll make it to a sunny 52° on Thursday.

Winds will briefly switch back north as a snowmaker drives by to our north — nothing for us — and drops Friday down to 30° early, 46° in the afternoon.

All-Star Weekend

Awesome. Unseasonably warm. Sure, we may see a shower or two Sunday afternoon/evening, but we’re seriously rolling out the hospitality with these temps.

Severe Weather Tuesday?

Hmmmmm. I see you, Storm Prediction Center.

Remember, an outlook reflects a general idea that severe weather may happen somewhere inside the yellow circle. This is a bit of an unusual move by the Storm Prediction Center. “Day 7” outlooks are uncommon. We’ve only seen a handful of them in the past 5 years, although to be fair, they’ve recently lowered the threshold by which they issue them.

This afternoon, NWS-Nashville wrote: “A strong storm system will develop by the end of the period as a strong upper-level low settles in over the Central Plains. Tuesday looks potentially rocky as a surface low is expected to track eastward to the north of Tennessee. Increasing wind energy will reside within the enhanced North-South omega fields within the warm sector. Instabilities look promising [for severe weather], but model continuity is not there yet. We’ll keep an eye on things, but severe weather may make a run at the mid state on Tuesday.”

Freaking out based on Day 7 data is a bad way to live.

Will do.

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