Rain On The Way

Current Radar 

Today – Rain on the Way! High: 50° 

Rain will slowly but surely increase today as a surface low from the west accelerates northeast. The clouds will also increase this afternoon and we will be left with an overcast sky this evening.


Here’s your visible satellite from just before lunch.


Southerly winds will pick up after lunchtime today. Winds gusting up to 15 mph are possible.

monday 3 pm

With temps approaching 50° and rain coming, we should see significant snowmelt.

monday 8 pm

The band of showers ahead of a cold front will move in late this evening into the morning hours on Tuesday.

tuesday 2 am

The good news is we won’t fall below freezing overnight tonight into Tuesday morning.

Tuesday – The Rain Continues Temps Slowly Falling from the Low 40°s to Upper 30°s All Day

A cold front will catch up with our warm front and it will occlude just to the southeast of us. What does this mean for us? More rain during the morning and afternoon on Tuesday. 

Tuesday 8 am

By Tuesday afternoon, the rain should be southeast of us as the cold front moves in.

Tuesday noon

Our high temp Tuesday will be achieved in the very early morning hours. Temperatures will fall rapidly through the 30°s Tuesday night, then settle in the upper 20°s when you are waking up on Wednesday.

After that, expect a slow warm up. We’re looking warmer and clearer through the end of the work week:

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