“Snow” Roundup, Very Cold, Tuesday Snow? (nah)

Current Radar 

This was about as “bad” as it got last night.

Mailboxes, decks, playsets, and I’ll bet a few bridges and overpasses (especially those at elevation) have a small coating of ice.


Flurries should continue this morning, but additional accumulation on these surfaces is not expected. Some roads may have an icy glaze, but when Will went out on SnowForce1 this morning, it seemed fine. Andrew drove from Nolensville to Oak Hill without seeing anything of concern. I’m not saying your route is clear, unfortunately, we are lazy and didn’t drive every road in both counties.

Arctic Air Is Here

At midnight, the temperature was 48°. By 3 AM it had fallen to 34°. We’ll stay in the mid-upper 20°s the rest of the day.

Winds this afternoon ranging from 10-14 MPH will drive the wind chill closer to 20°.

22° is forecast by 9 PM, dropping to 17° overnight into Monday morning.

Monday looks clear with a high of 39°.

Rain/Snow Tuesday?

A fast-moving clipper system will come streaking in from the NW, bringing a reinforcing shot of arctic air. The very-little snow it’ll be carrying looks like it’ll pass to our north and miss us altogether.

GFS and Euro models both agree this will miss us.

NWS is only including a small chance of seeing some precip. Even if it got here, there would be little/no impact.

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