After the Storms — The Colder Week Ahead

Current Radar 

I hope you asked for gloves and a jacket this Christmas. We have a chilly week ahead!

The storms have passed and they continue to move east out of our area.

Satellite image(s) [MGM, vis] 2015-12-28 14-44-02

We will be mostly cloudy Tuesday. It will be MUCH cooler on thanks to the cold front. We wanted Winter, and it’s here!

Check it out: High temperature on Tuesday will be 54°. 

Rain chances will increase again with showers in the area during the late evening hours on Tuesday. There will mainly be isolated showers around the area around midnight then a complex of showers will move northeast into our area early Wednesday morning.

High temperature on Wednesday: 54°

WED 3 am showers

Showers with embedded thunderstorms will continue to stay in our area during the morning commute. Be careful with ponding on the roads. With additional showers on Wednesday some flooding is possible, since the ground is already saturated.

WED 6 am

Most of the showers should taper off after lunchtime then we will be left with a few isolated showers late afternoon into the evening on Wednesday. The cooler air will begin to settle into our area on Wednesday late afternoon with temperatures in the 40s.


It will clear up on Thursday with a partly cloudy skies and a temperature in the mid 40s when you head out the door in the morning.

The high temperature on Thursday will be 46°.

That is no typo! The cooler air will settle into our area on Thursday under a partly cloudy sky. It will be even cooler on New Year’s Day! Take the jacket to any evening plans you have this week. The good news is there will be no rain in the area on New Year’s during the day or in the evening.

Expect much cooler temperatures this week!

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