Another Record High Forecast; Titans Game Update

Current Radar 

We set another record high temp today: 75°, breaking the record of 73° set in 1875.

Rest of the Weekend – Still Too Warm, Waiting for More Rain

We will remain unseasonably warm Sunday. NWS is forecasting another high of 75°. If that happens, it’ll set another daily record high.

The big question is: when will the rain arrive?

Our NWS says chances begin as early as 6 AM, but it wont be until 6 PM that rain will become likely.

This presents a particular problem for Titans fans: bring rain gear? The NAM4 model doesn’t think you need it:

The Euro model doesn’t think you need rain gear, either, but the GFS wants to sneak in a few light showers during the game.

If I was going to the game, I’d pack a poncho, but not dress for a washout. My bet is that we will stay dry for the game.

We will update the rain situation early in the morning.

Rain/Storms Monday

Storms currently battering Dallas are being driven by a powerful cold front. That front will approach and arrive Monday.

The NAM4 model arrives the main line in the morning, with showers out in front of it. The main line should arrive around noon:

Give that ETA some leeway. The models aren’t good enough to nail the exact time of the heaviest rain’s arrival.

Severe weather isn’t out of the question, but the “better” dynamics will be south of us. SPC only has us outside its Marginal Risk outlook, which really isn’t anything. It’s too soon to write it off, though. We’ll keep you updated on it.

Return to Average December Weather? Nah.

This cold front will clear out the heat and humidity, but it won’t restore us to late December averages. Another round of no-big-deal storms is expected Wednesday.


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