More Rain Tonight, December Arrives Tomorrow

Current Radar 

More rain is here. It’ll stick around at least through the overnight hours.

HRRR does a good job of illustrating the off/on nature (mostly “on”) of the rain tonight.

Notice how, after midnight, the rain intensifies, signaling the approach of the cold front. We cannot rule out a thunderstorm or two, although that’s unlikely. Certainly no severe weather is expected, but don’t be alarmed if you hear a rumble of thunder.

We’ve already seen more than 2″ of rain from this system. We expect another 1″ or so tonight/overnight. However, flood concerns are east of us. NWS-Nashville posted a Flood Watch for areas to our east, where they’ve seen more rain the past few days, and are expected to get more than us overnight.

Still, it’s going to rain a lot, and we cannot rule out minor flooding on the roads overnight. Be safe, go so, when in doubt, go around.


Rain Will Linger Into Tuesday; Getting Colder – Wake Up 56°, High 57°

The passage of the cold front means we won’t have the typical “colder in the morning, warmer in the afternoon” temp day. Cooler air will be spilling in all day, but the influence of the afternoon sun-behind-the-clouds will offset the drop in temperature. We’ll actually be warmest just after midnight early Tuesday morning (62°), then slowly tumbling into the mid-50°s before falling into the upper 40° Tuesday night.

Rain should end before sundown Tuesday evening, probably well before then.

After That, We Chill Out

Things look pretty calm Wednesday through the weekend. Temps will return to their seasonal/typical values, with temps skirting freezing early Thursday-Sunday mornings, highs in the 50°s. You know, December.

The next chance of rain looks to be sometime in early Monday.

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