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When’s It Going To Rain?

Current Radar 

High Pressure Keeping Rain Away Most of Today – High 70°

The HRRR thinks we’ll see rain arrive this afternoon and tonight:

However, much of this just isn’t happening, at least not in Middle Tennessee. To account for a stray drizzler, NWS-Nashville has introduced “sprinkles” into our afternoon forecast. The real rain should stay well off to the west.

Tonight, we may see a bit more of a rain chance, but not much. If going outside, pack a light rain jacket, but you probably won’t need it.

This “almost, maybe, not quite” rain pattern will be the rule Saturday as well. Even though it’s cloudy now . . .

. . . the actual rain is moving painfully slowly our way, and should not arrive in full effect until late Saturday night and into Sunday. (Note: that should say 9:44 AM, not PM).

Unseasonably warm temps will continue through Saturday (high 67°).

Expect a lot of rain Sunday, up to 2″, or at least the WPC thinks we may see that much.

Local estimates are less than this; either way, Sunday looks like a washout.

Early next week, a cold front will have arrived to take the temps back down, but the rain chances will continue:

No storms, certainly no snow, just rain.

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