The Week Ahead

Current Radar 

As you can see here via regional radar . . .

. . . rain and storms continue from Texas east to South Carolina.

This storm system will march east, passing south of us tonight and tomorrow. As it does, the rain may nudge north and drip on us.

The HRRR model seems to think so:

Other weather models follow this trend lifting the rain north and closer to 40, but most don’t go all the way. In any event, we’re only talking about very little rain here, while we (well, most of us) sleep.

Monday – Muggy, Cloudy – Wake Up 58°, High 72°

Rain (and some fog in the “usual” spots) will remain possible in the very early morning hours, into the afternoon. By then, the rain chances fall off, and we should be totes dry in the evening. Not expecting enough rain to cancel outdoor sporty stuff.

Dry & Humid Mid Week

We’ll be unseasonably warm and dry. The humidity will remain. Dewpoints will hover around 60°, which is high for November.

This will prime the pump for our next rain event, expected Friday. With all that moisture in place, this may be a soaker.

Here’s the latest GFS model, from which you should conclude there may be some rain of varying intensity sometime Friday morning possibly coming this way. Draw no other conclusions.

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