Mild Start To November

Current Radar 

Today – Cloudy & Unseasonably Warm – High 67°

To make rain, the atmosphere needs moisture and lift. Today we have moisture to make clouds, but little lift to produce rain. Rain chances are very low (they’re higher near the TN/AL border), but if we get a little, it will be very light.

The HRRR model keeps a rain blob well south of us, with very light showers lapping just south of I-40 like the flames off a fire.

We are too close to the main rain blob to rule rain out, but none is expected.

Tonight – Monday: Light Rain, Maybe

As the upper low responsible for the rain to our south moves ENE, it will drive showers a bit closer to us:

We think we’ll see the northern extent of it, and some light rain. Most areas will get 0.1″ to 0.25″, which is in rain-out range, but we may see less than that – maybe even much less. Recent runs of the GFS and Euro models are pulling the system southeast of us; if that continues, I doubt we’ll end up rained out Monday night, when the system will have moved away.

Warm Week Ahead

Temps will run 10° to 15° above normal. High pressure will settle in and dry us out.

Our next weathermaker is expected Thu-Fri, with rain, followed by a return to seasonal temperatures.

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