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A Couple of Dry Days & Latest Halloween-cast

Current Radar

This Evening: 59° by 7 PM

A big cool-down is ahead tonight. We’ll be into the 50°s by dinnertime.

I expect we’ll still be dry, although pesky showers may be fiddling around to our east:

Nothing that will mess-up any outdoor plans tonight, though.

Skies will be clear overnight, allowing temperatures to drop like a rock to near 40°.

FRIDAY – Wake Up: 40°, High: 62°

Tomorrow starts cold under clear skies. We’ll warm-up to the low 60°s in the afternoon.

Our break from the rain continues tomorrow, as well:

The doom and gloom off to the west is our next rainmaker – arriving Saturday.

Skies will be sunny for much of the day tomorrow, but some cloud cover will begin to arrive from the west by the evening.

Lows overnight will be very chilly once again, dropping to the mid 40°s.

SATURDAY – HALLOWEEN! – Wake Up: 44°, High: 63°

Tricks…or Treats? That is the question…

Well, looks like it may be sort of a treaty-trick…

It’s a safe bet it’s going to rain on Halloween, and probably late in the day when it’s least desirable.

But, looks like we will be dealing with only showers, and very light rainfall.

Timing is still an issue at this point. Models are trying to get themselves together.

GFS/Euro think rain holds-off until the late afternoon/early evening:

But, the NAM is a little more pressing and brings light showers in earlier:

Even if we can get the rain to hold off until Saturday night, looks like it’s inevitable that very late Saturday, overnight, and Sunday look very rainy.

Good news: storms shouldn’t be an issue at all on Saturday. Best chances for any storms will be well to our south, where conditions are more favorable. We just get more rain.

Just rain = happy ghosts!

LOOKING AHEAD: Hello, November!

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