Bounce Safely, Y’all. Also, Correcting My Fail.

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I am a member of the National Weather Association. I should be at their annual conference this week in Oklahoma City,

but it’s a weekday conference and [reason I didn’t go was redacted, this isn’t about me].

So, anyway, I follow the conference on Twitter, via friends who are there, and the helpful hashtag #nwas15. Today I read about a presentation that was pure gold.

Bounce house safety.

Yeah, bounce houses can be dangerous.

You know, bounce houses:

Did you know:

Why so many injuries? Wind!

How much wind? 25 MPH does stuff like this:

The moral of the story:

ERROR ALERT! Tonight/Overnight, we have to acknowledge the existence of frost in spots.

My tweet this morning:

Yeah, I was wrong.

The forecast for our low in the wee hours of Tuesday morning went from 44° to 39°, so although NWS decided not to go with the formal Frost Advisory, they did issue this Special Weather Statement, which is acting like a Jr. Frost Advisory:

You can find me here, reading haikus.

Tuesday – Warmer, Sunny, Dry – High 72°

The rest of the week follows this trend:

Weekend Rain? Maybe.

A cold front will be on the way this weekend. Here it is way off to our west on Friday night:

The GFS model shows the front stalling out over the weekend, but no real rain shows up until Sunday/Monday/Tuesday. The Euro model largely agrees, but DISCLAIMER: these are medium range models looking at things 6 days away, and are not exactly reliable. Right now, Saturday looks pretty good for staying dry, maybe some rain afternoon Sunday, and Monday looks like a washout.

But don’t bet on it.

Stay tuned.

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