Nice Wednesday & Have Chapstick This Weekend

Current Radar

Expect pleasant conditions on this hump day!

Today – Sunny High: 78°

As seen on the water vapor satellite – dry air has been filtering into the area today after a cold front that has passed a few days ago.



Wednesday will be overall pretty quite for us as high pressure keeps conditions pleasant.

Temperatures will cool rapidly once the sunsets this evening. Lows tonight will be in the upper 40s around the area.

Thursday – Dry Waking Up: 48° High: 79°

Starting the day off pretty chilly out with dew points still in the low 40s.

Thursday will be pretty similar to Wednesday with temperatures warming up slightly.

High pressure will move to the east while a cold front from the northwest will sweep through Thursday evening into Friday morning.

Friday – Another Cold Front! Waking Up: 53° High: 71°

The cold front will move quickly across the area Thursday evening into early Friday morning. Can’t rule out an isolated shower in the area early Friday morning. Not anticipating a washout.


Temperatures will drop to the low 70s while dew points drop dramatically.



Drier air will be filtering in from the north after the front and dew points will drop to upper 20s to lower 30s.


Cloud cover will increase in the morning and the winds will pick up with gusts up to 15 mph. As for our temperatures – they will drop throughout the day with a highs only reaching the lower 70s with some neighborhoods only warming up to upper 60s.

Friday will be overall nice! Once the cloud cover moves to the southeast, we will clear out for the evening into the weekend.

Extended: Temperatures this weekend will be well below normal! 10 to 15 degrees below normal for this time of year. Your football Saturday looks very nice! Take a jacket to any evening sporting events outside. Lows will drop to the upper 30s!

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Updated information can be found @NashSevereWx on Twitter, which you can find here.