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OctoSummer! Then Friday Happens.

Current Radar

It Got Hot Today

We shot up to at least 86° (the high isn’t “official” yet), so not so Octobery.

Clear tonight.

Thursday – One Last Day of OctoSummer – High: 87°

Few more clouds will work in as Friday’s cold front approaches, but it’ll still get pretty hot.

Also increasing: dew points — reaching the low 60s. That’s so summer.


A few random showers are possible, but meaningful rain chances are missing from the forecast.

Friday – Rain, Maybe a Storm, & Cooler – High: 79°

A cold front will be dragged across Middle Tennessee by its parent low pressure center, located way far north of us.

Let’s zoom in on that:

That’s just a six hour rain total. Our NWS forecasts 0.16″ by 7 pm Friday, add another 0.25″ through 7 am Saturday.

Not This Again! Yeah, we may see it again.

Thunderstorms remain possible Friday afternoon, but they’re not expected Friday night.

The Weekend: Cool

Despite a Rain Out Alert for Saturday games (again!) . . .

. . . the weekend looks pretty good.

Rain should switch off in time for @KarrieHardwick‘s Saturday wedding, and probably long before then.  Fellas, please behave at the party:

Cool temps are arriving. 68° Saturday and 74° Sunday.

Overnight lows will approach 50°, maybe even hit 48°. Consider heat.

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