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The men and women at NWS-Nashville are forecasting professionals with hundreds of years of experience. Here’s how NWS-Nashville started off the morning forecast discussion:

Today – Clearing Out? Probably – High 76°

The upper level low that made it rain for three days has finally moved east over southern Georgia.

This should allow for drier air to filter in this afternoon, shutting off the three-day-old rain spigot, and breaking up the clouds. We think that’ll happen later this afternoon, hence the 76° for the high, but not all models agree. If the timing on the clearout is off by just a few hours, we might see very little light drizzly rain and our temps will struggle to rise through the 70°s. Yet some models think the clouds will break up very early, and temps will soar into the 80°s.

Think of 76° as the compromise high temp.

For what it’s worth, the HRRR model keeps us dry all day, and it thinks we’ll see plenty of sun this afternoon.

Monday – Thursday: Warmer & Dry

Friday – Cold Front? Thunderstorms?

NWS wrote this up better than I ever could. Too early to discuss specifics, plenty of uncertainty remaining, but here you go:

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