One More Day Of Gross Weather

Current Observations and Radar (refresh to update)

Saturday – Watching Rain Approach from the East

Refresh your browser to update the radar, above. As you can see, rain is coming Crazy Ivan style, east to west.

The rain reason is the upper level low, which has been sitting to our S/SE since Thursday:

HRRR is now “in range” for the rest of the day, and it thinks we’ll see a rain at/after noon and tonight. Notice the time stamp in the upper right corner:

The HRRR runs every hour. We will update it on Twitter @NashSevereWx throughout the day.

Last night, I wrote about how the other models thought the rain would hold off until tonight. Most of them have now come under the HRRR’s thinking: off and on rain starting around noon, becoming more “on” and less “off” as we move through the day. NWS forecasts 0.17″ of rain through 7 PM, which is enough to rain out most outdoor stuff.

The high is only 59°, but with overcast skies and a steady north wind around 10 MPH, expect a colder afternoon than 59°. Add the damp, and, well…

Sunday – Joaquin Gets Out of the Way – High 74°

Our rainmaker, the upper level low, can’t move east until Hurricane Joaquin moves north and out of the way.

This will take some time, but Hurricane Joaquin will start to move north and northeast Sunday.

Our low will then move east, and the clearing will begin.

So, we will hold on to a chance of rain Sunday morning, then, unlike Saturday, our rain chances should decrease as the day wears on.

Next Week – So Much Better!

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