October? More like Raintober for this Weekend.

Current Radar

The current weathermaker is not Hurricane Joaquin. Our weather is due to an upper level low that has set up camp in the southeast, spinning counterclockwise.

Another dreary day is in store for us. Expect an overcast sky with a high temperature only reaching 64°.

It will be a bit breezy out there with northerly winds ranging from 10-15 mph.

There will be a decently sized complex of showers off to the east that will move through our area today. Here is what the NAM model has for lunchtime, with rain lasting through the afternoon and early evening:

Fri lunch


7PM TOnight

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The substantial rain amounts will stay well off to the east. Take it easy on the commute from work!

QPF Friday

Saturday – More Of The Same

The dreariness isn’t going anywhere though as an upper level low pressure continues to hover over us.

Waking up on Saturday – it will be 53° with a high cooler than Friday, reaching 61°. The overcast skies along with showers throughout the day will keep us cool.

That chilly north wind will gust up to 20 mph.

More showers are on the way for the weekend. Another complex of showers with thunderstorms will move through Saturday at lunchtime:

Sat Lunch


The rain is expected to continue through the afternoon into the evening.

SAT 7pm

Sunday; Hope!

Clouds will begin to break while rain chances decrease.

We will warm up a bit on Sunday with a high climbing to 73°, but that assumes Joaquin does what it’s supposed to do. Can’t rule out isolated showers in the area in the morning and afternoon.

Once Hurricane Joaquin moves east in the Atlantic – our troublemaking low will move east, allowing high pressure to clear us out.

Even though October began with showers, temperatures are expected to be above normal for the month.


Looking Ahead: Clearing out on Sunday with sunshine returning on Monday. Even though there will be a warming trend once the high pressure moves in, conditions will be comfortable for the beginning of the work week with dew points in the upper 50s.


Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.14.27 AM

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