No Washouts This Weekend, Have Rain Gear Within Reach

Current Radar


It doesn’t look too bad to be outside.

It’ll be overcast all day, for sure. High only 73°.

Current conditions:

There will be at least a little rain, but it should be the light, even drizzly variety.

HRRR model seems to have a good handle on this:

Let me zoom that in a little more:

The bulk of the heavier rain stays east. Then a few light drizzlers pop up this afternoon. Thunderstorms are not in the forecast all weekend.

Have an umbrella/rain jacket close by, and remember, the high is only 73°, so dress accordingly. Lots of stuff happening outside this Saturday. Enjoy it.


Fog will reduce visibility in the pre-dawn hours.

The low pressure system should have pulled far enough north of us to substantially reduce our rain chances. Although clouds will still be around and there remains a chance of a passing shower, Sunday will be the driest day of the Friday/Saturday/Sunday group.

Titans kickoff: 77°, light SE winds, small chance of a quickly passing random light shower.

Supermoon Eclipse

I’m a little more encouraged, but I don’t feel good about being able to see it. Although the cloud-creating low is pulling out, and the NAM4 model shows some breaks in the clouds by 7 PM …

… I just don’t think we’ll get there. Here’s cloud cover at 7 PM via the GFS model:

So, maybe a few breaks in the clouds, but it will likely make for a frustrating, but probably impossible, viewing.

Next Week: Chance of Thunderstorms Returns

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