The First Day of Fall!

Current Radar

Say hello to fall!

The Fall Equinox was at 3:22 AM this morning, which is when the sun shines directly over the equator. Equinox is latin for equal days and equal nights.

Even though we welcome the fall season, it isn’t necessarily going to feel like fall. We are still wedged in between the a trough and ridge. Humidity has increased today with dew points in the upper 50s this afternoon.

The high temperature this afternoon will be 86° with winds out of the northeast, but fairly calm. There will be a few clouds in the area.

The overnight low will be 61°.

The humidity will increase on Thursday with a dew point in the low 60s by lunchtime.


The high temperature will be slightly warmer – reaching 87° under a mostly sunny sky.

Friday a complex of clouds will roll on in, so temperatures will be cooler with a high only reaching 83°. Dew points to the east are expected to drop to upper 40s on Friday morning. The models have cloud cover increasing on Friday with a few isolated showers mainly east and north of our area.

The good news is expect less humidity on Friday with dew points only reaching the upper 50s in the afternoon.

This Weekend. A complex of showers will stay mainly east of our area. However, some isolated showers are not out of the question for Saturday morning and afternoon. There seems to be some clearing in the evening hours.

The below NWS forecast looks rainy:

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.43.01 AM

But notice this is 20%. The models think rain is possible, but it’ll be light, and rare.

The Euro model calls for off/on (mostly “off”) very light rain. Certainly not an impediment to outdoor games, Pilgrimage, whatever.

The GFS agrees. Very light, intermittent light rain/showers all weekend, but nothing to keep you from doing what you plan/want to do.

Even the Canadian model agrees.

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