Higher Temps; Weekend Rain?

Current Observations and Radar (refresh to update)

Warming Up

Each day, the high creeps up a bit. Yesterday, we hit 84° (at 3:13 PM). Today we’ll hit 85°, Thursday 87°, and 88° by Friday.

Humidity is creeping up, too. By Friday, the dewpoint will spill over 60°, which may require an extra deodorant swipe. Please consult this handy table:

Weekend Rain?

The high pressure increasing our temps is also bossing the skies, eliminating rain chances at least through Friday.

Saturday looks almost completely rain free.

We expect a cold front to approach and arrive Sunday. As usual, this means rain is possible.

Both the Euro and GFS models think the front will either stall out here, or be a dry passage, so for now we think the chance of rain is pretty low. There is more model support for rain on Monday, but we’re talking about 144+ hours from now, and forecast accuracy that far away is

The cold front will trim the top off the temps. Low 80°s return beginning Sunday.

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