Quiet Week Ahead; Warming Up

Current Observations and Radar (refresh to update)

That Was Nice

We hit 73° today.

Today’s cool weather was thanks to surface high pressure to our west. Its clockwise-spinning winds sent in a chilly north wind:

We’ll Heat Up A Little More Every Day This Week

Although we’ll start off cool in the morning (low 50°), we will heat up in the afternoon, to 80° or 81°.

The reason: high pressure will set up east of us Monday, where it’ll camp for the rest of the week, returning a south wind and corresponding higher temperatures:

This will increase our temps every day this week:

Humidity Will Be Reasonable

Dewpoints will stay mostly in the 50°s.

Next Chance of Rain: This Weekend

This morning, the GFS model predicted rain Friday night. I wrote not to freak out, that was just one run of one model, it looked like the rain would come later (after watching the Euro model).

Well, now the GFS has figured something out, and is bringing the rain much later, arriving Saturday night or Sunday. Here it is on Saturday afternoon:

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