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Fall Isn’t Here To Stay

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We’ve Cooled Off

Today’s high is 73°, with no rain in the forecast.

Fall Isn’t Here, At Least Not Yet

It’ll be nice and cool today because surface high pressure is west of us. Its clockwise-spinning winds are sending us that chilly, north wind:

We’ll Heat Back Up, Starting Tomorrow

That high pressure will set up east of us Monday, where it’ll camp for the rest of the week, returning a south wind and corresponding higher temperatures:

Humidity Will Not Return to Oppressive Levels.

Dewpoints will stay mostly in the 50°s.

Next Chance of Rain Late Friday – Saturday

Looks like a trough will dig another cold front closer Friday night = chance of rain.

This is just one model run, so don’t draw any conclusion. The Euro model has this system about 500 miles to our NW on Friday night, but we really don’t know when.

Conclusion: next chance of rain as early as Saturday night, running into Sunday.

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