Heat, Humidity, Rain Chances Return This Weekend

Current Radar

Friday 87° Heat & Humidity Return

Dewpoints have been in the 40°s and 50°s this week. Friday, 60°+.  It’s still August.

We think rain chances will hold off until the weekend. Friday night football should be without weather worry.


In honor of that, this:

Saturday 89° It May Rain 

More heat + more humidity = typical “it may rain” August forecast.

The GFS model shows a little bit of afternoon-heating-induced rain working into Middle Tennessee.

I wouldn’t fret about a rain-out, but rain is possible.  A thunderstorm or two is also possible.

Sunday 85° Cloudier, Better Rain Chance

The GFS model gives us a better chance of rain Sunday:

The best chance is in the mid/late afternoon. It’s far from certain, but with dewpoints sitting in the mid/upper 60°s, it won’t take much to get a shower going.

Thunderstorms remain possible, but organized or widespread severe weather isn’t being discussed.

What About Erika?

Most weather models think she’ll crawl up the Atlantic side of the US.

If this is what happens, and an “organized tropical system moves up the southeast Atlantic seaboard, much of the mid-state ends up in the outer fringe subsidence area.” (NWS-Nashville)

That means sinking air, and no real impact.

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