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Showers and Thunderstorms this Afternoon

Current Radar

Today – Widespread Afternoon Showers – High: 89°

It will be another wet day for us.

Showers should be moving through in the morning and afternoon.

If the HRRR is right, the bulk of the rain should be moving through from 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM.

Maybe not enough for a rain out.


Dew point remains in the upper 60s as those southerly winds are bringing in the moisture. At least the heat index will be relatively close to the actual air temperature.

It is going to feel like 90°.

As the day progresses – showers should taper off in the evening. We will continue to stick with mostly cloudy skies during the evening.

Monday – Scattered Showers – High 86°

It will be slightly cooler on Monday, but the dew point will stay in the upper 60s.

Heat index is expected to reach 90° in the afternoon.

The GFS has showers moving in during the morning commute to work. It would be a good idea to take the umbrella to work.

We are expecting to receive close to have an inch of rain – so no washout here!


Tuesday – Rain Chances Continue – High: 86°

It will fell slightly warmer thanks to the humidity. The heat index will top out at 92°.

We should have a bit of a break from the mostly cloudy skies in the morning until showers begin to move through around lunchtime.

The southern and eastern counties will see majority of the rain.

Showers will continue through the evening hours into Wednesday morning. Take the umbrella to any evening plans on Tuesday.

Extended: Heat index will be in the low 90s throughout the week. The below normal temperatures will continue throughout the week. The GFS has showers moving through Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning. Basically remaining dreary for the next couple of days…

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Wednesday is especially interesting:

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