Worried About Rain Tonight?

Current Observations and Radar (trying something new)

Tonight – Clearing Out?

This afternoon’s storms continue to fizzle off. They were pretty mad.


And hail:

Will it clear out for tonight? Yeah, probably. The good news is that this afternoon’s storms sponged up all the available moisture, and wrung it out on our heads.

However, a “cold pool aloft” will be hanging around, so we can’t completely eliminate our rain/storm chances.

We also need to watch that swirly thing (“meso convective vorticity center”) moving out of southern Indiana:

However, NWS-Nashville things that thing will go west of us.

All in all, feeling pretty good about being outside tonight.

Sunday – Same Set-Up, Same Uncertainty as Today – High 89°

The upper level energy will be available, there will be plenty of humidity/moisture, but very little/no low level storm making dynamics. It’s like the car is sitting in the driveway, with a full tank of gas, but we can’t say if anyone’s getting inside to take it for a spin.

Best chances for rain will still be mid/late afternoon, but if you need more information certainty, I refer you to the above GIF.

Next Week: More Of The Same

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