Hopefully This Forecast Will Be Less Terrible

Current Radar

Tonight –  Can’t Rule Out, But Not Expecting, Rain 

Although we expressed uncertainty (here and on Twitter), I grade today’s “some rain” forecast like this:

I can point to the storms that formed 30 miles that way, or offer some explanation for the sunshine and attempt to sound smart. But really, who cares.

For tonight, NWS and forecast models all have a decreasing chance of rain. Our cold front is still slowly moving closer, and we may see a few showers tonight when it arrives, but I’ll just suggest you go to the fair, be outside people, and otherwise carry on with your activities. If/When the rain comes, we’ll type words to that effect on Twitter.

Tuesday – Clearing and Cooler – High: 87°

Clouds will slowly clear out, kicking off a glorious weather week:


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