Bye, July! Hellloooo August!

Current Radar

TODAY – Lower Humidity & Plenty of Sunshine – High: 90º

We’ve had some pretty great weather today, considering it’s the last day of July. Bye, July!

Dew point temperatures have been in the 50°s this afternoon. So, even though temps have read around 90°, it hasn’t felt hotter than that.

No rain today (or for the next few days) as high pressure has really settled in:

Winds will pick up a bit this afternoon, at 10-15 mph from the north.

THIS EVENING – 86° by 7 PM 

It’ll be a pretty great evening with low humidity and cooler temperatures firmly in place.

Clear skies and a north breeze around 10 mph will provide even nicer conditions.

Lows overnight will fall back to the upper 60°s.

SATURDAY – Helloooo August! – Wake Up: 69º, High: 90º

Tomorrow will essentially be a repeat of today. Sunny skies, a breezy north wind, lower humidity, and no rain:

Not bad for the 1st day of August!

Lows will fall back to the upper 60ºs overnight.

SUNDAY – Nice End to the Weekend – Wake Up: 68º, High: 91°

By Sunday, humidity will be starting to rise ever so slightly, but it’ll still feel much less humid out there. The bump-up in humidity will be caused by our winds shifting back to southerly flow.

So, expect some more moisture in the air, but probably just in the form of a few more clouds in the sky.

Rain chances will remain pretty much non-existent through the start of the new week:

Extended: Warming Back Up A Few Degrees at a Time

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